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06/30 – 07/07/2014 Ann & Steve Mason
07/09 – 07/16/2014
07/18 – 07/25/2014
Dayle Doroshow
07/28 – 08/04/2014 Nese Pelt & Dayle Doroshow
08/06 – 08/13/2014 Stephanie Jones Rubiano
09/10 – 09/17/2014 Barbara Roth
09/19 – 09/26/2014 Keith Lo Bue & Linda Larsen
Student & Teacher Information

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Ann & Steve Mason

Silk Painting

Step out into the beauty of an ancient French village and learn the craft of silk painting. Our weeklong workshop in Southern France will allow you to explore and create using vividly coloured dyes on the soft natural fabric that is silk. Discover how dye moves through the weave and settles at the core of the thread. Learn to blend colours, to inhibit the dyes movement, to build layers and have depth in your pictures. Two experienced tutors will guide you slowly and with increasing confidence from the first stretching of fabric to the realisation of something personal and unique. We will provide instructed time over four hours each day helping you to realise the grace and diversity of silk art. The medieval village of Durfort is the perfect setting, steeped in history with an ambience, which encourages relaxation, invigorates the soul and stimulates the creative urges of all who visit. Those who visit this magical place once always come again.

Your time in Durfort will be based at La Cascade, a fine 18th century stone house sitting on the banks of the river Sor. The rooms are tasteful and very comfortable. furnished with the intricate details of French life through the years. Meals are cooked fresh each day by the wonderful Nese with fresh local ingredients. When not painting you can relax and visit the local area whose markets, towns and villages are rivalled only by the stunning undulating countryside of sunflower fields and dense woodlands. There will be group trips to the famous Saturday market in Revel as well as a local flea market and charming ancient hamlets. From the village we can walk into the mountains or drive up to St Ferreol a world heritage site, for swimming, boating and general calm time.

  • Cost: $2,350
  • Price includes
    • Charming and comfortable double occupancy room (7 nights)
    • 7 breakfasts, 6 lunches & 6 dinners
    • Lunch & supper prepared daily by the wonderful Nese with fresh, local ingredients.
    • Four hours daily workshop instruction & 24-hour open studio access
    • Comprehensive range of materials. Some local cultural excursions.
  • For much more information about the workshop and Steve & Ann, please visit
  • Contact Stephen at with questions or to reserve a space.
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7/09 – 7/16/2014
7/18 – 7/25/2014

Dayle Doroshow

Capturing Ancient France:
A Mixed Media Journey

In this spirited workshop let's create Artist Journals with your original prints, Jewelry and small medieval artifacts to capture our week in the French countryside. The region is rich with medieval villages, artists, flea markets and fairs, which we will draw on for inspiration, ephemera gathering and our art work.

Start the week making a handmade journal covered with beautiful French fabric and polymer clay elements – an idea collector to capture your inspiration and techniques. New printmaking techniques will be explored – easy, low tech and unique! Next, we'll create Jewelry and small artifacts that tell a story inspired by French medieval village life, the Renaissance court and your imagination.

We will learn a cornucopia of techniques using polymer clay, textiles, handmade prints and flea market treasures to create your ideas – jewelry, artist books, and mixed media collage and assemblage.

We'll spend instructed studio time each day in the lovely and well-equipped studio at La Cascade. Then, each day we'll jump in our cars for adventure and treasure hunting that will inspire our artwork. Field trips include sunflower fields, the nearby monastery En Calcat with its outstanding art bookstore, t he renowned Saturday market in Revel with its visual feast of goodies and treasures for body and soul, the Sunday flea markets and Albi, home to the Toulouse-Lautrec Musee, an awesome cathedral and other delights.

Open studio at night… Exquisite food from our personal chef… New friendships… Art-making… Live and work at La Cascade where time relaxes and creativity flows.

  • Cost: $1,900
  • Price includes:
    • Seven nights lodging at La Cascade, double occupancy
    • Daily afternoon field trips
    • All breakfasts, and most lunches and dinners
    • Workshop instruction and many supplies
  • Visit for more information — and to learn more about Dayle and her work.
  • Contact Dayle at or 707-962-9419 with questions or to reserve a space.
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Nese Pelt & Dayle Doroshow

The Art of Cooking

If you would like to learn how to cook easy, healthy and delicious cuisine, create a handmade journal/recipe and menu book to record your adventures and discover this charming part of France, please accept our invitation to a very special event. For those of you who have been waiting to study cooking with Nese, the chef at La Cascade and Art Heaven, this is finally your chance!

You will reside at La Cascade – a beautifully restored house in the village of Durfort on the River Sor, one hour east of Toulouse. Durfort has been making copper since the Middle Ages, and today there are copper studios, leather, glass and other artists to enjoy. The area is rich with medieval villages, working artists, flea markets and fairs, which we will explore as the week unfolds.

Nese will teach cooking classes in the kitchen at La Cascade. Using the superb organic produce of the region and other specialties, she’ll share her recipes for delicious healthy food. On Saturday, we’ll spend the morning at the renowned Saturday market in Revel (just five minutes away) with its visual feast of goodies and treasures for body and soul. This market has been named one of the 100 most beautiful markets in France. You will have time during the workshop, if you want, to relax and experience gentle Yoga and stretching directed by Nese in her own nearby center, Centre Melisse.

Dayle will guide you in creating a handmade recipe/menu journal to use during the week to record your notes, sketches, and a place to gather mementos and treasures collected on our field trips. She will lead several field trips exploring nearby villages with plenty of time for wonderful photo-ops, including Albi with its astounding cathedral and the newly renovated Toulouse Lautrec Museum, the Sunday flea markets and other adventures connected to the local food & wine artisans of the region.

All activities are optional and you are welcome to relax by the river, work in the studio, join Nese in the kitchen, or explore on your own!

  • Cost: $2,050
  • Price includes
    • 7 nights lodging at La Cascade – double occupancy
    • Cooking classes, studio class, yoga classes, daily field trips and much more!
    • All breakfasts, lunches and dinners except one dinner and one lunch out
    • Many supplies and all ingredients for cooking classes
  • Contact Dayle at or 707-962-9419 with questions or to reserve a space.

Nese (pronounced Nesha) studied sports science and sports medicine at the University de Goethe in Frankfurt Germany. She has taught self-healing techniques at her health center, Centre Melisse, in Soreze France since 1996. She teaches yoga and mind-body awareness in German, French, and English. "We are all magic," says Nese. "We just forget it. Using a variety of techniques, I help you discover your own inner lamp, so you always have a light in your hand to show you the way."

Dayle is a mixed media/polymer clay artist and owner of design studio ZINGARO, Stamp of Distinction. She trained in traditional ceramics in NYC and sold her pottery there. In recent years she has emerged as an innovator in polymer clay and has won numerous awards for her work. She has been featured in several books on polymer clay, alternative photography and collage. Her jewelry, home décor, handmade books, and art dolls can be found at art shows on the West Coast. She teaches extensively throughout the US and enjoys the shared creative experience that happens during class!

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Stephanie Jones Rubiano

Butterflies In Her Stomach:
An Altered Book Sculpture

Ah, France! Historically known for its wine, food and art…come experience all of this and more with Stephanie Rubiano in the south of France! For a week you will reside at La Cascade, a beautifully restored house in the village of Durfort on the River Sor. The villa sits alongside one of the many waterfalls that tumble down the mountainside and you can hear its music throughout the house. Working copper into vessels, jewelry and other art pieces has been the trade of choice in Durfort since the Middle Ages. The surrounding area is rife with medieval villages, working artists, flea markets and fairs that we will get to thoroughly explore during our stay.

In the workshop, an old book becomes the base for a fun and funky 3D sculpture. You will learn how to create a secret niche in the book block and insert a wee winged person…yes, the wings are real! An acrylic window is bolted in and allows you to view your butterfly person at any time. Vintage spindles become arms and legs with wire-worked joints and attachments. An interesting face from Stephanie’s personal antique photo collection is mounted on birch plywood and cut out by hand with a jeweler’s saw. Fabric and resin wings sweep out from the back of the sculpture. A crown shaped from copper mesh completes the adornment of your doll. You will also learn how to turn flea market finds into wonderful items to decorate your doll through the use of resin and wire. The sample shown is rather simple, but you can see that there are lots of design and decorative opportunities! This doll can perch on a shelf or hang on the wall, and it can be disassembled for easy packing in your luggage. Although this is a project-oriented class, the techniques that you will learn will further your own art projects once you return home.

Each morning will be spent in the well-equipped studio at La Cascade. In the afternoons we will take excursions to discover all we can about the surrounding countryside! Some of the sights will include: the monastery at En Calcat with its incredible art bookstore, the Palais de la Berbie, the newly renovated Toulouse Lautrec museum in Albi and the renowned Saturday market in nearby Revel where we will search for unique treasures. Other local delights include sunflower fields, patterned French gardens, winding streets through small towns and Sunday flea markets. Please keep in mind that this is your week! Venture out and about with us or simply stay at La Cascade to work on your project, read a book on the terrace…or take a nap!

To fuel our creativity, most breakfasts, lunches and dinners will be prepared fresh at La Cascade by our own personal French chef, Nese (pronounced Nesha) Pelt! Lunch will be served on the terrace and in the evening, candlelight and wine will mix to create a wonderful ambience where we can relax, discuss our day and strengthen new friendships.

  • Cost: $2,000
  • Price includes
    • Double occupancy in a charming room at La Cascade
    • Meals prepared by Chef Nese with fresh, local ingredients
    • 7 breakfasts / 6 lunches / 6 dinners
    • Instructional time and open studio time when class is not in session
    • Local excursions each day to see the sights in and around Durfort
    • Comprehensive range of materials. Some local cultural excursions.
    • NOTE: Price does not include airfare, trip insurance or shared rental car (approx. $150 per person)
  • Visit to learn more about Stephanie and her work.
  • Contact Stephanie at with questions or to reserve a space.
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Barbara Roth

Pocket Watercolor Journaling

Imagine yourself traveling through the French countryside, recording your journey in a journal small enough to fit in your pocket. Come and spend a week in the village of Durfort at La Cascade, a centuries old home especially restored with artists in mind. Daily art lessons will teach you techniques to help you draw and paint journal pages. You’ll paint outside and in the cozy well lit studio under the eaves at La Cascade. At the end of your week at La Cascade you will have created a personal book of travel paintings and memories.

Everyday you'll grab your journal, go out and visit wonderful, off the beaten track local villages where you will paint and sketch the luscious colors and charming scenery of the French countryside. You’ll also meet friendly local people, eat delicious fresh food and taste the wonderful wine of this region. Highlights of your week will be many. We'll shop at the local farmer's market in Revel where you can find anything from an affordable French bra to a basket of fresh string beans. When we visit the Sunday local village Flea Markets, you'll find vintage French treasures and ephemera that you can bring home in your suitcase.

You'll have time to relax on the patio at La Cascade and stroll through the village of Durfort where you can stop in the cafe for a coffee or take a hike by the cascading falls rushing down the hills that surround our village house. Your meals will be made by Nese Peltz, La Cascade’s gourmet chef. She cooks with fresh local ingredients. You’ll be free to concentrate on your artwork and vacation skills with Nese doing the shopping and cooking.

Whether you are new to painting and drawing or experienced you will find this workshop helpful to teach you the skills of watercolor painting and drawing or bring your already existing skills to a new level. In addition to watercolor painting you’ll work with pen, ink & wash, gouache and water-soluble pencils and crayons. You’ll also learn a variety of methods to work on artwork in 15 minute chunks of time. With the skills you learn and practice during your week at La Cascade you will be able to continue keeping a watercolor journal anywhere you find yourself, from your backyard to your next safari. You'll learn from the instructor as well as from the other students in the class and bring home plenty of pictures, ideas and inspirations to paint from for years to come. Plus you’ll learn all about methods to use your sketch book pages as reference for full size paintings.

  • Cost: $2,150 … + approximately $250 for your share of the rental car cost
  • Price includes
    • Lodging plus all breakfasts, 6 lunches & 6 dinners. Meals prepared by Chef Nese with fresh, local ingredients
    • Art instruction … and open studio time when class is not in session
    • Transportation to & from the Toulouse airport
  • Does not include airfare … or shoe purchases!
  • To view Barbara Roth's work, visit and
  • Contact Barbara at with your questions about the workshop or to reserve a space.

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Keith Lo Bue & Linda Larsen

Precious Little: Poetics of the Found-Object
Précieux Peu: Poétique de l'Objet Trouvé

Join found-object artist Keith Lo Bue for his first time in Europe(!) Linda Larsen will lead him and an intrepid group through Paris — on a thrilling flea-market-fueled exploration of the found object in jewelry making! Then on to La Cascade to enjoy the beauty of the countryside … Using treasures found, you will create objects of mystery and beauty as you learn the varied methods of selection and assembly this limitless palette demands.

No previous jewelry experience is required; all that’s needed is enthusiasm and the desire to work with your hands. Whatever your interests, you will come away with new insights into the possibilities of creativity – and all in the glow of the mecca that is Paris!

Keith Lo Bue is a jeweller, sculptor, teacher, and self-described 'stuffsmith' who has work in many major collections, including the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC and the Museum of Arts & Design in New York. For over two decades, his work has been exhibited all around the US and in Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Dozens of books feature Lo Bue's work, including: One of a Kind: American Art Jewelry Today (US), 1000 Rings (Lark), The Art & Craft of Collage (UK), Virtual Gallery of Contemporary Jewellery CD-ROM (UK), and The Compendium Finale Of Contemporary Jewellery Makers (Germany) – as well as Metalsmith, American Craft, Ornament and Belle Armoire jewelry magazines (US).

His workshops have been presented to enthusiastic reviews at Haystack, Penland and scores of other art and craft institutions across the United States, Canada and Australia. Lo Bue lives and works in Sydney, Australia.

  • Register for one or both weeks! This great adventure only accommodates eight and will fill super-fast.
  • Vist to learn more about Keith and his work.
  • Linda Larsen has spent many idyllic hours in the flea markets of Paris and the surrounding country side! She loves bringing home the treasures found there for her customers and blogs frequently about her techniques and ideas at
  • Contact Linda at for all the details or to reserve a space.
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Everything Else You Want to Know about Workshops at La Cascade

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